Commit f0919016 authored by Carsten Emde's avatar Carsten Emde
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If the name of the target that was specified at the command line does

not start with a slash, add it
parent d3201d75
......@@ -74,15 +74,17 @@ def createoutput(outputdir, outputformat, machine_to_binary, linked_libraries,
# * defining vertices between the nodes
# * writing the output file
limitsearch = targets
if targets is None:
targets = []
targets = targets.split(",")
for target in targets:
if not target.startswith("/"):
targets[targets.index(target)] = "/" + targets[targets.index(target)]
limitsearch = targets
# Create list of dependent files of targets to restrict the search to
if limitsearch is not None:
limitsearch = limitsearch.split(",")
if len(limitsearch) > 0:
for limit in limitsearch:
if limit in symlink_to_target:
limitsearch[limitsearch.index(limit)] = symlink_to_target[limit]
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