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Added a section on real-world usage and fixed a leftover in a command

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......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ grep ^/lib/ textdir/*.text
grep ^/lib/ textdir/*.text
/lib/ LINKSWITH /lib/
grep ^/lib/ textdir/tmp81o7pvp8.text
grep ^/lib/ textdir/*.text
3. Scan a single file of the host root file system. This may also take a very
......@@ -134,6 +134,15 @@ converters) and is not recommended.
./ -d / -c graph.config
## Real-world scenario
In the real world, one would most likely not create a call graph of /bin/bash,
which is used here only as a placeholder. Instead, one would normally analyze
proprietarily licensed applications to find other files that are linked to them
and thus form a combined work with them. In a second step, one would then check
the licenses of the other files for a copyleft clause and, if one is found,
check the license compatibility of the other files and ensure that the
proprietary applications fulfill their license obligations.
# Limitation
This callgraph generator only considers ELF files. High-level language function
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