Commit 4878ccea authored by Carsten Emde's avatar Carsten Emde
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Graphviz (the dot program) does not accept dots in digraph name, now

replaced by dashes. Optimized target search loop a bit
parent f75a5e56
......@@ -92,8 +92,7 @@ def createoutput(outputdir, outputformat, machine_to_binary, linked_libraries,
for o in machine_to_binary[architecture]:
for endian in machine_to_binary[architecture][o]:
for elfclass in machine_to_binary[architecture][o][endian]:
for filename in machine_to_binary[architecture][o][endian][elfclass]:
if filename == target:
if target in machine_to_binary[architecture][o][endian][elfclass]:
if target_architecture == '':
target_architecture = architecture
......@@ -205,7 +204,7 @@ def createoutput(outputdir, outputformat, machine_to_binary, linked_libraries,
outputfileopen.write("<graph defaultedgetype=\"directed\" idtype=\"string\" type=\"static\">\n")
elif outputformat == 'gv':
outputfileopen.write("digraph " + os.path.basename(limitsearch[0]) + " {\n ratio=0.562;\n")
outputfileopen.write("digraph " + os.path.basename(limitsearch[0]).replace('.', '-') + " {\n ratio=0.562;\n")
if fontname is not None:
outputfileopen.write(" graph [fontname=\"" + fontname + "\"];\n")
outputfileopen.write(" node [fontname=\"" + fontname + "\"];\n")
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